Medionce Introduction

Medionce started as a dream in 2016 with a simple idea of streamlining the healthcare ecosystem to provide effective, affordable, and on-time healthcare to society. To nourish this dream and to give it a pair of wings we established Medionce Solutions Private Limited, a small group of dedicated people with “can-do attitude” and exemplary tenacity.

Since the time this hope of making it a reality by revolutionizing Healthcare arose, The Medionce team has been busy with in-depth analysis, collaborative research, documentation, surveys, market research, and incremental buildout of an innovative platform that brings all healthcare stakeholders together – on one platform, with one goal of providing outcome centric care through patient-focused approaches. We are constantly referring to various medical reports, case studies, journals, magazines, blogs, and whatever source of information that we came across on a journey to streamline the healthcare ecosystem – To be informed of current challenges, drawbacks in approaches, learn from them, and improve the present healthcare system.

This seemingly simple but sure approach has put us on a journey to change healthcare for good. Hard work, through research, inputs from patients, and collaboration with leading healthcare providers (Doctors, Labs, Medicals, and Pharmaceutical & Device manufacturers) has resulted into one of a kind digital ecosystem for all the stakeholders in the healthcare. Now the next step for us is to continue to build on this success while considering all the clinical protocols without breaching the trust of our members, doctors, hospitals, clinics, and labs.

As we set out on a path to innovative healthcare, the main challenge was to gather care providers (all healthcare specialists from different fields and organizations) to facilitate every medical service through one platform. Here cheers to Medionce team, that we accomplished this challenge too along with the release of “Healcard®” in May 2018, our first healthcare-focused platform for all.

Healcard is basically an online cloud-based platform that gathers and fosters collaboration among patients, their family, all the healthcare professionals, and organizations (clinics, hospitals, labs, medicals, insurance providers, pharmaceutical manufacturers etc) with a single goal – to provide integrated, and high quality care continuum with precision, at an accelerated pace, and in an affordable manner.

It acts as a bridge that you can depend on getting treatments you deserve in the most personalized way, feel cared for, and trust your care providers through augmented transparency. We have no doubt that this will be your go-to way of caring for your loved ones in no time, where you have all the rights to ask questions to your doctor, know about diagnosis, therapies, and remedy procedures (plan of care), where you can check your specialist’s profiles, provide constructive reviews, and even switch on to another preferred doctor.

We are counting on you being part of spreading the new revolution in the medical field to access the epitome of healthcare services.

Let's talk about where are are headed?

We look forward to providing you quick, digitized, advanced, top-notch healthcare facilities, devices, and services like never before. Medionce along with all medical professionals on our platform – Healcard is committed to having an utterly patient-oriented vision. Offering full transparency, 24×7 healthcare services, treatments, medicines, tests, and care that each person deserves. In the coming days, Healcard will offer new and unique features covering telemedicine (chat and video with doctors), preventive care through peer-reviewed articles, machine learning aided diagnosis and decision making to name just a few!

A lab technician will be collect samples directly from home, Prescription and therapeutic pathways suggestions for the doctor’s consideration, Symptoms checking and diagnosis through AI and Machine learning technology, Telecare through both video and audio appointments, Smart devices connections to the mobile app, Biomedical instruments in wardrooms. All working in unison to achieve a single most important goal -that is care continuum at affordable cost and on-demand.

Transparency in lab reports i.e. easy to read and understand lab results reports. You can get the reports instantly on time without making a trip back to the lab, Amazing & affordable lab report and full body checkup packages. Feature to check the medicine availability from nearby medicals or pharmacies.

Well, this is just the start of the digitized healthcare system. Many more technologies with the amalgamation of information technology yet waiting to welcome you to Medionce!