We are changing the way you experience Healthcare

We are innovating the way healthcare services and interactions are delivered through use of emerging technologies.

<b>We are changing the way you experience Healthcare</b>

Product Offering

Hospital Management (HMS)
Hospital Management (HMS)

The best hospital & clinic management platform on the market to manage patient care, electronic medical records, patient engagement, staff concerns, and efficiently operate the workflows. Our HMS offering covers onboarding, scheduling, medication dispensing, inventory/stock management, billing, facility management (Rooms, Operation Theatre, MRI machines). We have 24x7 support personnel helping hospitals and doctors with their on-demand troubleshooting, enhancements, and staff training needs.

Patient Management (PMS)
Patient Management (PMS)

Highly flexible and easy to configure clinical CRM Software for patient engagement, onboarding, appointment booking, symptom checking, diagnosis, therapeutic pathways, e-prescriptions, medication dispensing, billing, collection, medical history, medical records, referral management. Every thing quick and on-demand accessed through Web, Tablets as well as Mobile. Our fully managed PMS offering comes complete with access controls to make patient intake and consultation workflows work based on your unique processes.

Lab Management (LIMS/LMS)
Lab Management (LIMS/LMS)

Our dedicated and fully integrated digital Lab Management platform allows independent lab owners and network of labs to smartly manage every thing from online lab prescription intake, promotions and patient engagement, invoicing/billing, inventory/stock, sample tracking, to generate and deliver reports electronically, and digitized quality assurance. We have robust reporting and querying capabilities built in to allow for regulatory reporting as well as insight generation for labs.

Medical Management
Medical Management

One stop platform for managing medicals/pharmacies that handles all the demand/supply requirements, reorder levels, stock/inventory with expiry dates, pricing schedules, prescription filling and medication dispensing, billings and all pharmaceutical records and reporting. This offering comes fully integrated with hospitals and clinics to ensure online transfer of e-prescriptions. Promotes patient safety while reduces cost of operations for pharmacies.

Biomedical Device Apps
Biomedical Device Apps

Our consumer facing mobile apps offers device/vendor agnostic integration for wearables, medical devices, and EMR/EHR software platforms including our own - Healcard. Easy to use and intuitive to navigate user experience on our apps equally allows consumers and medical professionals to perform their day to day functions/tasks effortlessly. Keeping you all informed through integrated transparency while focusing on patient centric experiences.

Healthcare Software
Healthcare Software

We are a healthcare company that has mission to transform healthcare ecosystem with use of knowledge, effective collaboration, and technology. Our solutions are designed and built to run on desktops, tablets, and smartphones while keeping healthcare data secure and reliably available for self-consumption, user initiated sharing, treatment planning, diagnosis, and Machine learning enabled insight generation to benefit evolution of evidence based therapeutic pathways.

Operating Methodology


Medical research as per demand

Research is the very first step that we perform in everything we do. Mediocre outcome without research puts patients at risk.
We have a dedicated research team collaborating with care providers, thought leaders, and healthcare experts. All of our offerings are built and evolved through research performed by this team, knowledge gained, and insight generated around proven approaches and validated demands.

Market analysis & probability of success

Analytics is the primary discipline at Medionce. Everything we do is heavvily data driven and insights generated through analysis of real world data. Our prioritization, reporting, roadmap, stakeholder engagement, and budgeting processes are directly linked with analytics – impact models, outcome predictions, and value generation.

Keeping us at forefront of healthcare

At Medionce first thing we thrive and strive on is innovation. Our offerings are constantly enhanced with adoption of innovative technologies and approaches at sustained pace with constant value generation in mind for our stakeholders. We have cultivated culture of innovation from day one of our existance. With that spirit in mind, all of our strategic hires – smart designers, developers, content writers, copywriters, healthcare associates, operational engineers and support personnel have strong ethos around bring innovation to fruition.

The final stage of product launch & trial

Even after the successful accomplishment of product, we first send it for pilot trial and then launch in the real market only if the trial outputs are positive in the favor of the people who will use the product later. If in case the pilot runs has challenges or remote possibility of impacting patient safety, we go back to board for hashing out solution and new strategies considering the consumer and medical professional feedback from pilot. While disruption is in our DNA, patient safety is our first and foremost priority.

Recently Launched Product

A healthcare platform to bridge the gap between the care providers & the care seekers and offering you to the fastest, quickest yet innovative way to get the ultimate care and health for your family & friends. One card revolutionizing & streamlining the whole healthcare ecosystem.

Healcard- Healing to your life

Medical Hub

Digital collaboration platform for all clinical specialists.


Reduces cost, time, and no need to wander anywhere.

Online Appointment Booking

Book appointment in few clicks... anytime, anywhere.

Data Security

256 bit encryption, highly secure, constantly monitored, HIPPA and HITRUST compliance infrastructure.

Electronic Health Records

Say goodbye to paper-slips!! & no worries of records getting missed.

Multi User

Doctors, Technicians, Chemist, Receptionists, Pathologists, and all clinical entity can register & practice.

Purpose of Medionce

Team Medionce is working with a vision to provide services and tools for healthcare industry that

leverages in-depth research and collective knowledge of our thought leaders in healthcare space

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Reinventing Healthcare

We are constantly innovating and iterating on new, automated, and digital healthcare solutions to address challenges that both patients and medical professionals face during care interactions. Our Healcard® platform is best positioned to address all healthcare obstacles through innovative integration of emerging technologies, consumer facing experiences, and meticulously selected healthcare providers.

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Cost Effective Care

Going to hospitals, medical centers, primary care physician, for one or another health check ups, medication, or major operations and treatment procedures take a lot of time and cost. We want to provide you everything in one stop healthcare solution that is effective, affordable and above all transparent so that you are in control of healthcare related decisions.

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Ease to Reach Everyone

Number of villages and urban areas are still deprived of quality healthcare through hospitals, clinics, and qualified doctors where patients or health seekers keep waiting in a hope to have access to timely care. We want to play critical role in fulfilling that hope for them by availing ubiquitous healthcare services through the blend of medical and technology research and along with our tenacity to fulfill that hope.

What we have Accomplished

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Happy patients

Based on the reviews of patients and the PMS software activation.

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Quick process

Reviews of medical specialists who are using our software.

90 %

Services boosted

Medical organization which ensures boost in healthcare services.

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Product demand

Analyzing the demands and supply of our software and devices.