Healcard pilot launch in surat

Medionce is pleased to announce its very first product Healcard has successfully launched the first pilot program in surat. We set a milestone going live the same day of launch on October 2nd on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti.

In just a day, we have registered two medical specialists on our platform. We are expecting soon we will gain momentum to reach the estimated number of doctors, medicals, patients, and all medical specialists. Now you must be thinking what Healcard is all about? Why do we need Healcard? How will we (Medionce) proceed? What are the uses & requirements of Healcard?

Then we would like to welcome you on healcard and have a look at the website. We are sure after your visit on healcard website all your answers of who, what, when, how will be delivered itself.

Healcard too is live! And after the pilot launch period, we are planning to establish Healcard properly in 2020

Healcard Pilot Launch Objectives

Here we have listed all peculiar information about the pilot launch, estimated result, targeted users, and all about our mission to launch this product.

Purpose of Launch

This launch is being conducted to measure the responses statics, user responses like how many doctors, patients, pharmacies/medicals approaches such platforms that can boost their practice.

This launch intended top accomplish the dream to make healthcare reach to all health-seekers on demand & on time.

Area Launched in

Recently we have launched Healcard in a part of surat. But till December we are planning to launch whole over in Surat city.  Healcard has taken the objective to increase the list of registered doctors up to 40 in number till December end.

Resource Provided

Doctors collaborating with us in the pilot launch will proffer with resources like Laptop, Internet, Scanner, Cameras and Free training. We are eagerly waiting to know the experiences of the specialist’s reference to this medical innovation and to improve healcard system from Doctor’s feedback.

Extra Training

We are aware that not all specialists are tech-savvy, and it might be quite tricky for them to manage their practice online. Focussing on this problem, we have decided to provide free training to doctors who are eager to learn. We will also tell them how they can get benefit from this first cloud-based medical innovation.

Feedback Consideration

The main objective of the pilot launch is actually to improve in the fields or points where we might be lacking. We are open to considering all suggestions and feedback given by the doctors. So that we can fix and debug those functionalities in Healcard.

Communication Status

For the deserving results and better conclusion of this launch, we organize meetings on a daily basis. To achieve the requirements we list whatever limitations are marked by test users. 

It’s just the initiation to create a revolution in the healthcare system. Healcard is planning to soon avail its amazing features, services, and support to all our people of surat and then India in the coming days.

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