Hospital Management Services (HMS)

The best hospital-clinic management software to manage & secure medical info, Patient engagement, staff concerns, and efficiently operate the workflow.​Hospital Management Software made by us is an integrated information system for managing all internal tasks of hospital-related operations and information of reference entity such as medical, financial, administrative, legal, and compliance. We build a custom interactive dashboard which is insightful and user-friendly. Here you will find the visual format with various graphs, statics, summary reports, and functionalities to store the information related to patients, staff, and others. To deliver the best quality patient care and a complete clinical overview we follow the latest trends like Electronic health records, Business intelligence reports, Outpatient and Inpatient Management, Inventory, Mobile Apps, Tablet Versions, Online Scheduling, Secured Messaging, Doctor and Patient Portals, Billing & Accounting, Alert System, Feedback, Lab Machines, Biometric Integration, Data security and Bulk Data Storage. This software helps in improving the quality of healthcare services.

Patient Management Services (PMS)

What could be better than proper patient-doctor communication? Our patient management software provides this interface to patients as well as a doctor where a patient can have his own personal place in a website where all his previous reports, recent EMR’s, treatment history, attended appointments. e-prescription, medication status, and reminders will be functionalized to give amazing patient experience.
A patient can check the doctor’s profile, feedbacks, fees, experience, address, contact details, and choose the best specialist accordingly.
Doctors too can directly request the reports of his patient and send to the corresponding specialist with patient prior permission, ask for bills, inform about scheduled or cancelled appointments, give instant remedies in case of emergencies. This software becomes a bridge to connect with patients and health seekers.

Lab Management Services (LIMS- LMS)

We build Lab Management Software that itself an asset when setting up in hospitals, clinics and of course in labs too. This reduces the use of paper and staff focus more on patient care rather wasting time doing paperwork and also increases turn around time by automation process. Lab management software set of various analysers & instruments that in turn gives you quicker results as compared to done manually also it reduces the probability of errors while diagnosing & testing a sample, reports, or vital signs. The results given by management software are accurate and retrieves data output in real-time measurement. Through software apps lab technician can send or request the reports that become portable and easily accessible. At most Labs objectives like audit trials, barcoding, calibration of instruments, quality control, and client satisfaction are too can be detected and functionalised using lab management software.

Medical Management Services

Pharmacy Management Software is a must nowadays to support pharmacists & chemist. Working with the help of software can navigate the complexities of implementing different functions at a time like dispensing, inventory management, invoice billing, getting prescription accurately, point-of-sale functions, reporting, inspecting, coordinating with medical organizations and agencies, auto refilling of medicines, checking on stock, update database, searching an inquiry, searching for medicine requirements, Pharmacy Document Management Solutions, Pharmacy Revenue Management, and whatnot. Advanced pharmacy management systems allow pharmacists in clinical decision support clinical interventions, and smooth the process of dealing with customers and corporates.

Biomedical Device Application

Medical healthcare & device connector apps are highly useful because you can’t carry the instruments all the time with you but, even why to carry it, when a smartphone can give you an alternate solution for that. That’s what we provide to health seekers who are conscious about maintaining their health. We innovate multiples device’s IOS & Android applications that one can connect with his smartphone and see the results through apps just like wearables, smartwatch, smart ring, Fitbit health band, and multiple solutions. These apps are more than just a device, these can entertain you, help you to stay organized, to get reminders & notification for your work schedule, appointments, reports or health check, answer your phone calls, and functionalities that can balance your life that you must be missing.

Healthcare Software

We develop software to run on desktop, smartphones that guide in Treatment planning, Image recognition Heart-rate monitoring Drug dosage calculating, etc. Different software for different clinic & hospitals, then it is further divided on the demand of specialists.
Like software that is used by dentists for dental check-ups, heart rate or heart problems detection measuring software for a cardiologist are both different. These different type of software help the medical specialist to facilitate their workflow and to fasten the diagnosis process. Using such latest technologies increases work efficiency and requires just one time investment. You don’t even need to store the medical records once the check up is done because everything will be done by the software from detection to output results.