online doctor appointment

Now say goodbye to ‘waiting for health’.
You might be wondering how? no?
Through online doctor appointment in just a click and many more services on Healcard.

Yes, you heard it clearly, now it’s high time that we all must say bye-bye to all kinds of delays. when the matter is of our health in other terms when it is related to our life indirectly.

We always keep waiting, waiting for the appointment to get confirm, waiting for blood reports to get. Waiting for health insurance money to credit, waiting to get heal and waiting for everything. In other words, everything that needs to be processed quickly.

Don’t you think our wait should be over now?

We know you are waiting for long for such healthcare solutions. One that can change the way to look at healthcare services.

However, let’s finish even to this wait today and replace it with Healcard.

What is Healcard?

Healcard is the world’s first cloud-based medical healthcare platform. It ties patients, family members, doctors, clinics, hospitals, medicals, pharmacies, labs, and health insurance companies in one knot. Healcard bridges the gap between health seekers & health providers.

The objective is to save the time, money, and energy that a person invests going door to door for healing procedures.

You have reached to this information that means you are interested to manage all your health tasks with healcard.

Firstly, welcoming you to Healcard family where you can depend on getting treatments you deserve in a most personalized way. Where you feel cared for, and trust your care providers (online doctor appointment). We have no doubt that this will be your go-to way of caring for your loved ones in no time. Here you have all the rights to ask questions to your doctor. Rights know about diagnosis, therapies, remedy and procedures (The plan of care). Even you can check your specialist’s profiles, provide constructive reviews, and even switch to another preferred doctor. We are counting on you being part of Healcard. And spread this new revolution in the medical field to access the epitome of healthcare services.

How does it help to get an online doctor appointment & much more?

All the medical professionals, and organizations (Clinics, Hospitals, Labs, Medicals etc) moving ahead with a single goal. That is to provide integrated care continuum to you and your family members. We want to provide these healthcare services with accuracy, at an accelerated pace and in an affordable manner. Healcard is consciously aware of the urgencies & emergencies an individual and families experience during the unfortunate. So we’re available for you 24*7 through an innovative platform that connects healthcare professionals, specialists and patients with full transparency. Here we look forward to providing you with quick, digitized, and advanced healthcare features. We at Healcard along with all medical professionals on our platform are committed to having the utterly patient-oriented vision. And aimed to serve individuals high-quality care as the way one needs. 

Healcard will allow you to manage and access your medical records online through the card. You can manage everything through companion Mobile App (iOS and Android). In addition to security, this card carries QR code on the left, and a unique identification number imprinted on it. This number will be known only to you and your healthcare providers. For all your interactions while receiving the care you need, Healcard gives you direct and quick access. Everything without lengthy wait times or manual paper-based interactions.

Your account will bring with it the following features & benefits-

  • Find Doctors and Specialists
  • Book online doctor appointment in a click
  • Digital Prescriptions for accurate Medication
  • SMS reminders for everything
  • Check the specialist’s profile
  • Health Insurance & Mediclaim documentations on time
  • Online lab report insights & quick test reports
  • Data portability & security
  • Healcard app to monitor health, medical records access control
  • Paperless & lifetime accessible records
  • Save Time & Money while receiving accurate, accelerated, and affordable care

Found it helpful?

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