Image to show patient feedbacks are useful to choose the right doctor

Patient feedback Reviewing be a great way to choose the right doctor – Healcard

Patient feedback is the most useful point to count in your decision nowadays. We all must have passed through a time when unfortunately we catch up by some health crisis. It may be a minor illness, but we always are

Image showing paperless medical services, paperless services in hospital, clinic, medical etc. to store records

1st Paperless Cloud-based Healthcare Solution by Healcard

Paperless services is the need of medical field to manage workflow & for quick process.

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Healcard | The Best Healthcare Software Website to Help Doctors & Specialists

Each procedure in any field urge for advancements, change, creativity, and transparency. When any iterating process is done through conventional methods with the same limitations every time, then it becomes kind of tedious. And so diagnosis procedure, treatment & healthcare


Healcard pilot launch in surat

Healcard Pilot Launch in Surat – World’s First Cloud-based Healthcare

Medionce is pleased to announce its very first product Healcard has successfully launched the first pilot program in surat. We set a milestone going live the same day of launch on October 2nd on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti. In just

Healthcare services

5 Top Constructive Advances in Healthcare Services

Healthcare technology is getting advanced and evolving with time. Each day new innovation takes birth to grow healthcare services in a more advanced way. Any medical organization that wishes to hold the tag of the best one must have to